Student & school ceilidhs ..... 
fun-filled, high-energy entertainment

Over the last 20 years, our band members have provided many a good day's or nights' entertainment at universities, colleges, primary and secondary schools throughout Scotland. Indeed, following the success of a school or student ceilidh it is not unusual for the band to be fully booked for weeks and even months afterwards.

Student ceilidhs -

University and college ceilidhs by their very nature tend to be highly energetic, vibrant affairs where students enjoy letting off steam in the company of their friends and collegues. Society, sports club, house balls and end of term ceilidhs are just some of the excuses that students need to book a date with Scotland's Ceilidh Band. In fact, students in our experience seldom need any reason to hold a ceilidh! Many of our regulars at ceilidhs 15 years or so ago, still continue to book the band for all their big family and corporate party events.

School ceilidhs -

The great thing about school ceilidhs, is that the ceilidh can provide a focus for dance lessons - often during P.E. sessions, music classes, or occasionally during normal class time. Ceilidh dancing by its very nature is energetic, good fun and inclusive. It's also a great way for pupils and staff to keep fit whilst reeling, waltzing and jigging on the dance floor. The fact that our dance 'caller' takes everyone through the individual steps and movements associated with each dance, promotes confidence and self-belief amongst pupils. Beginners are particularly welcome at our ceilidhs - we have fun making mistakes together. It's a great way of teaching pupils that it's good to be able to make mistakes and laugh at themselves at the same time. With primary school pupils and for those in the lower years at secondary school, it is worth noting that we are available to perform during school hours. There have been several primary schools in Glasgow and the West of Scotland that have booked us for such events to date.



A ceilidh organised by Scotland's Ceilidh Band will -

Encourage sociability, trust and good relationships amongst pupils and students.
Develop self-confidence and belief amongst school pupils whilst they have fun dancing.
Prove to be a worthwhile and novel sponsorship and fundraising idea for students or schools.
Allow students, pupils and staff to celebrate the end of term in a memorable way.
Break the ice for a new intake of freshers into university - or pupils into secondary school.
Encourage fitness and agility amongst students whilst they're having fun on the floor.


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"We enjoyed ourselves from the moment we arrived - till the last waltz" The band were great and the caller did a magnificent job of including everyone" - J. Smith, Dalry

"I didn't know what to expect as it had been years since I had been to a ceilidh, let alone booked one! However, from the moment I contacted Scotland's Ceilidh Band, I received nothing but helpfulness and reassurance. My daughter's wedding will be remembered for years to come". - A. Harkness, Edinburgh

"We needed to raise money for charity at short notice and didn't know where to start. On the recommendation of one of our members we contacted Scotland's Ceilidh Band, and both the fundraising advice and the event itself surpassed all our expectations - we raised over £1000 on the night." - D. Jeffreys, Glasgow

"Our wedding wouldn't have been the same without Scotland's Ceilidh Band - you'll be remembered for years" - M. Bowes, Glasgow

"You're ability to get an audience on the floor and dancing the stops was amazing - half of our audience were from England and didn't know what a ceilidh was until they met you!" - S. Purvis - Portsmouth