Why look at Ceilidh bands for your special occasion or function?

Ceilidh bands? There are limitless combinations of function bands, discos and entertainment groups available for you to hire - so why opt for one of Scotland's ceilidh bands for your special event?

The main reason so many people opt for ceilidh bands is that a good ceilidh allows people of all ages to enjoy great dancing and experience a real party atmosphere that will be remembered for years to come.

You can have fun while you dance, chat while you dance, and if you so wish .... take a wee break at the bar and watch all the others step the night away on the dance floor. Check out our special section on popular ceilidh dances and start to memorise the steps for yourself!

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The great thing about professional ceilidh bands with a good caller, is that the caller takes each person through every stage of each dance at his/her own pace. Scottish dancing isn't difficult, most of us just need to be led through the steps until it becomes second nature. Furthermore, an experienced caller will take the pressure off you in your role as organiser. As the host or hostess, aren't you going to feel a bit embarassed looking out on an empty dance floor whilst the 'caller' is either absent or is hiding behind his drumkit or accordion? We at Scotland's Ceilidh Band, first and foremost pride ourselves in the quality and professionalism of our dance 'calling'. We will talk, and if necessary, walk you through the jigs, reels and waltzes -every step of the way.


  Why would you want to organise a ceilidh?

Corporate ceilidhs - great for motivation, morale and team building. 

Celebration ceilidhs - perfect for a special birthday, anniversary or graduation? 
ceilidh for students or a school ceilidh rarely need a good excuse!
A church, sports club or society ceilidh - for funds or perhaps just for socialising. 
wedding ceilidh - to include all your guests at the evening reception.
Fund raising ceilidh or maybe even a sponsored ceilidh - for your worthy cause.


Our band works with some of the UK's finest dance 'callers' and can ensure that your audience will be in the best possible hands for your special function. In our view this is crucial if everyone is going to enjoy themselves. All our 'callers' are well versed in running ceilidh functions for every occasion - and we pride ourselves in selecting dances to suit the atmosphere of an event - as well as the ability of an audience. 

Scotland's Ceilidh Band will lead the young, the old, experts and novices alike, through the marches, reels, waltzes and jigs - at a pace that suits your guests and not just the band. We never forget that you are our reason for us performing. Your enjoyment is our business. The success of your wedding, social or corporate event is our no.1 priority. We're confident that you and your guests will have a great time in our company.

When you're organising a ceilidh, the venue is a lot less important than you think. Some of our liveliest ceilidhs we've organised have been in church halls, small function suites and back street social clubs. When we provide the music and you provide the numbers ..... let the good times begin.

   What are the benefits of a ceilidh?

It's a great way for people to dance, have fun, socialise and mix with others.
It suits people of all ages - we've witnessed toddlers of 3 to grannies of 93 on the floor!
You don't need experience. We'll talk and walk you through the dances - and at no time will you feel left out or stranded.
You don't need to bring a partner with you. There'll be plenty of offers!
The music can be as quiet or as noisy as you want it to be.
Do you want non-stop dancing? Buffet breaks? Disco interludes? We can provide what you and your guests need to make it a 'perfect function.'

We can provide you with free help and advice concerning any aspect of organisation to ensure your event is a success. After all, with almost 40 years of combined experience, Donald and I have learned a lot about the art of organising successful functions and providing wholesome, memorable entertainment for all. The only thing you need to do is encourage your guests to turn up on the night - and make sure they're not too legless!

If needed, we will share our organisational experience with you to ensure your function arrangements on the night are a success. We work closely with venue and hospitality staff and frequently with other musicians as well. Because we've played in almost every major venue in Scotland, we've built up excellent relationships with conference organisers, hotel managers and key personnel. Our knowledge of what works in a particular location will be used to good effect at your function or special occasion.

" Can't recommend this band highly enough .. they make sure
the dance floor is full all night .. by the end of the night everyone is talking about the band - and how good they are."

Malky McKay, (Captain), Watford FC, English Premiership


    Ceilidh band or a conventional function band?

Ceilidhs naturally encourage dancing and guest involvement at functions
We'll take you through the dances - every step of the way. Show us a function band that will do that for you?
It's undeniable - ceilidhs are more fun to watch. There's plenty of action and laughs all night long.
We'll provide foot-stomping, ear-catching music played on a variety of instruments.
You'll lose more calories and make more friends at a ceilidh!
Ceilidh bands sit well with all the traditions of a Scottish wedding.

With a ceilidh-disco combo, you've got the best of both worlds - haven't you?

If you're still undecided as to whether a ceilidh will meet the needs of your function - have a chat with us!


"We enjoyed ourselves from the moment we arrived - till the last waltz" The band were great and the caller did a magnificent job of including everyone" - J. Smith, Dalry

"I didn't know what to expect as it had been years since I had been to a ceilidh, let alone booked one! However, from the moment I contacted Scotland's Ceilidh Band, I received nothing but helpfulness and reassurance. My daughter's wedding will be remembered for years to come". - A. Harkness, Edinburgh

"We needed to raise money for charity at short notice and didn't know where to start. On the recommendation of one of our members we contacted Scotland's Ceilidh Band, and both the fundraising advice and the event itself surpassed all our expectations - we raised over £1000 on the night." - D. Jeffreys, Glasgow